#CreatorCoins - Best Practices for Individuals


The one most unique thing about DESO is Social Tokens - Creator Coins combined with Social Graph (Followers, Posts, Engagement). NFTs exist on other chains and are thriving and it obviously didn't take off here. DAOs are working well on other chains, but have some promise given the conversation and voting still happens on Discords in other chains. But, Creator Coins is what got a lot of people excited about last year and it's what needs more focus from the core team and more importantly for all of us.

Here are a few tips to up your CC game and make sure that you share this post with anyone that you onboard too. Last but not the least, it's a self-serving virtuous cycle - so make sure you either invest in other CCs and your own CC from your FR or just gift some of your CC to a supporter instead of giving him a diamond.

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