Why An Episode Of Mythic Quest Launched My Love For Creative Writing


Mythic Quest!

Have you watched this show? I highly recommended it. And it may not be for everyone. But, this one episode reveals how it feels to find your passion, your purpose. It brought me back to the eighties.

My summertime love was the summer of 1980, and I miss that feeling.

I’m a gamer at heart.

I grew up playing video games at the local arcade — our favourite family getaway on the beach. My summertime love was the summer of 1980, and I miss that feeling. Sorry I had to reminisce. It’s relevant to this story — the backstory.

So you haven’t watched Mythic Quest? I somewhat can understand as this is a reasonably lightweight spin of the office environment. But it’s not what you might think. There is much more to this show than meets the eye. The writing is solid, and the show is fantastic — my opinion from a generation X’er who played video games on the beach.

And Yes, Ted Lasso is my first favourite show — the first season was also fantastic. But if I had one episode and one show that inspired me, it was Mythic Quest Season 2, Episode 6 — Backstory!

This blog post is not here to convince you to watch, critique, nor to spoil the show for you. Instead, it’s written to remind me why I write, dream and love storytelling. And the value to you, the reader, is a list of my favourite scriptwriting books. So I encourage you to watch the show — or this episode, especially if you love to write. It’s inspirational.

I have read countless writing books. I’ve submitted many scripts, but at last, I’m here, writing and growing. It’s a dream to be in a writing room. And dreaming is free. So without any more drab, here are my ten favourite books for scriptwriting.

  1. Inside Story — Dara Marks
  2. Creating Character Arcs — K.M Weiland
  3. Three Uses of the Knife — David Mamet
  4. The Art of Dramatic Writing — Lajos Egri
  5. Writing Subtext — Dr. Linda Seger
  6. Screenplay — Syd Field
  7. In the Blink of an Eye — Walter Murch
  8. Into the Woods — John Yorke
  9. Story — Robert McKee
  10. Dialogue — Robert McKee
  11. Aristotle — Poetics

Let’s get back to my summertime love, my dream and the tomorrow. Do you ever see the future? That sense that moves you in a direction to create? When I played video games, I lost myself in the game world. Sure it was the eighties, but we had Star Wars, Tron and Galaga.

What brought me back to reality was the last quarter in my pocket. Knowing that last quarter is going to drop. And my fantasy world will change. It will get dark and bleak. But, the beach is calling, and so are my fantasies about Jaws.

But, I’ll hold onto this last quarter, let you take over. And finish putting in my LB initials, and take my rightful position with a high score. Then, I’ll watch you play, smile, laugh, and make a new friend. Give advice, and learn from you. My eyes hypnotized.

For those of you that grew up through the eighties, it was magical. My summertime love was the summer of 1980, and I miss that feeling. Sorry I had to reminisce. It’s relevant to this story — the backstory.

Those three sentences are duplicated on purpose, to break out of my dream state. To remind me that titles matter, the story matters.

And if you have read any of my previous blogs, you will learn about my stepfather and his musings typing his book. My Mom and her passion for learning. My family’s summertime trailer on the beach. And my love for story, sci-fi, video games, technology, beach sunsets and overall finding life balance (digital homesteading).

This one episode brought me back in time and ignited my passion for life, sharing my passions with value to you, the reader.

This one show, this one episode, launched my love for creative writing.

Thank you, Mythic Quest.

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