Redefining Life: Learn and Grow Together


What is Our Role in Life?

We’re all given a certain amount of time to live. You can use this time for many things, but often we use it at our discretion. What if there was more out there for us than the mundane everyday tasks that make up most days?

Wouldn’t you want to learn more about yourself and your needs so you could grow as an individual? To help others do the same and create a happier lifestyle for all those involved?

This life is yours to live, so go ahead and embrace it. Make the most of your time here on Earth. Learn more about homesteading and the possibilities of living and working from home. This working from home is not a new concept.

And indeed, we are not 100% ready entirely, but why not move towards this new life balance as a community?

We have had time to reflect on our Worklife and realize that life balance (life-work balance) is the correct term with work secondary. What if we could find a new balance for life and integrate work, meeting the needs of society, helping one another live a balanced life.

It’s a luxury to pursue what makes you happy; it’s a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful. | Jordan B. Peterson

It is natural to work and live but ‘live first.’

This sentence sounds like an episode of Ted Lasso. To help one another grow as a community, we must learn together, teach each other our strengths and help each other build lives with our unique contributions our meaning.

What if the guitar player, the musician, could connect, make income and contribute his gifts without failure, suffering and loss.

What if we could learn and grow together?

The Future

The digital homesteader life will not be easy, but the infrastructure is here. With the right tools and help from the world community, we can learn, evolve and make it real. But is this possible? Can we make a living wage from our homes digitally?

And this lifestyle is not for everyone; some love the office environment. They need the connection. But what about future technologies like augmented reality or virtual reality. Can we get the same experience but never leave home?

The solutions are here today and evolving every day. Companies are listening to our working concerns and making changes, which makes me hopeful that in my late 50s, I’ll be able to contribute positively to the world while maintaining a healthy life-work balance.

To make the world a better place, we need to work in an environment where our employers value our personal lives. I hope that this is something the current generation will experience during their career because it’s necessary for people of all ages and walks of life!

We need this if we want people’s potentials for growth, love, learning etc., fully realized!

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