DesoOrbs: Just the Beginning



In an attempt to try the web 3.0 concept, more precisely in Deso. Ideas like creating new layouts and other things were already well established among the Creators, @whoami to try something magical layout better than others.

Because of that, I started to think better and after several searches for something I didn't even know very well or that I'm looking for, I found amazing ideas, like the project My Little Rocket ( by Aikon (@aikon). Thus, the idea of ​​venturing into the creation of a game was born. I saw an opportunity to use this idea in an attempt to create and further improve the bonds between my son and I. At least he was very excited and it was worth it.

Main vision

I hope this initiative is good for everyone, so I'm working to make the game and its construction collaborative. At first I think about selling DAO Coins to those interested in participating more in the project, such as brainstorming, coding, art, design. In this way, it will facilitate the distribution of the invested amounts, either by buying the coins or sending them directly from DESO to the project.

Any idea is valid and we are open to listen.

Technologies I intend to use to create this project:

  • Flutter for frontend
  • Fiber (Golang) or FastAPI (Python)

I prefer Fiber/Golang because I need to learn and this project would be that opportunity.

If my English sounds different it's because I'm learning it too, focused on it now.

What's next?

Stay tuned and get ready to participate.

Thank you

@aikon @Krassenstein @maristockler @nader @kanshi @ShadyAcres @dharmesh @AlexValaitis @Randhir @scottscoin @thorsten

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